When Will You Find Love? Uncover The Secrets Of Your Palm

Curiosity and impatience are two character traits that define the human race as a species. Humans just want to know everything and they want to know it now. Kudos to the rare exceptions to this rule. But, this combination often leads us to wonder what is going to happen in our future.

We cannot be content just waiting for events to unravel!

We want to find out as soon as possible if we are going to live a long life full of happiness and prosperity, if we’re going to be rich and successful, but most of all we want to know if we’re ever going to meet that special someone and if marriage and kids are things we can look forward to.

That is why we have developed many methods, reliant on factors completely outside of our control, that we use to determine our futures. The most widely accepted among these is the one based on the stars. Everything from your personality to your destiny is written in the skies, you need only learn to decipher the code (basically, read the horoscope in your favorite magazine). But we’re not here to talk about astrology. Let’s move on to the second-most-widely-spread method of foretelling the future: palmistry.

Here we have a super helpful picture that will teach you the names of the lines on your palm. While every line has its own story to tell, today, thanks to StyleCraze, we are talking about the marriage line. That’s the tiny horizontal one right below your pinkie. If you know how to unlock its secrets, this little line can reveal everything about various aspects of your future married life. What kind of relationships will you have? How many children? What sorts of problems will you have to face? You can find the answers to all of these questions by examining your palms. If you believe in such things. Well, let’s get to it then!

When will I get married?

The marriage line, also known as the union line, can tell you the time in your life when you will tie the knot. Some people have two union lines – this means you will fall in love twice in your lifetime. In case of multiple lines, the biggest one is the one that determines when you’re going to get married. If the union line is closer to your heart line (check the picture above for reference), then you’ll get married earlier in life, perhaps in your early twenties. If it’s located in the middle between the heart line and the base of your pinkie, you’re likely to walk down the aisle in your mid- or late-twenties. However, if the union line is closer to your pinkie, then marriage is going to come later in life for you; it might be in your late-twenties or mid-thirties.

How do I read my union line?

A straight union line with no bends or breaks indicates a strong marriage. Any breaks in the line signify low points and difficulties in your married life. Overlapping breaks mean that you’re going to break up with your partner, but you will eventually give the relationship another chance. If your union line forks out, you’ll probably get divorced.

How many children will I have?

Look at your union line and check if there are any lines perpendicular to that one. These are more noticeable in women than men; every perpendicular line is one child. If there is a split in one of the children lines, it means you will have twins. More splits mean more children during a single pregnancy.

Will I fall in love at first sight?

You are destined to fall in love with that special someone when you first lay eyes on them if the lines near your union and heart lines form a star marking.

When will I find love?

You need to examine your heart line for this one. Check for tiny lines that branch out of the heart line and point upwards toward your union line. Their presence means you will enjoy a strong and happy relationship, and the point where they start to branch out of the heart line determines when love is going to come into your life.

Now you know what to expect in your life relationship-wise. What did you discover by examining your palm? Is blissful marriage in the cards for you?

Source: stylecraze

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