It was found that women cheat more than men in a relationship. What’s more surprising is that women in the relationship know that their wrong decision will affect their current relationship, still, they go down the same road. Here in this article, we will be looking at the major reasons why women cheat


1. You don’t give her the attention she deserves

If you ignore her and take her demand lightly, it will hurt her self-esteem. She is gonna think that you have taken her for granted. She needs to feel valued, and this desperate need of attention and love will lead to finding a new man.

2. Being in touch with ex on social media

If you got over a relationship, the first thing to do is to block your ex from your account. If you are still friends, you may develop feelings for them again by looking at their daily activities or pictures. Well, this applies to both men and women.

3. Two is better than one

Just like having two jobs can get you more money, some people apply the same philosophy in their relationship and they think having two people in their life will make them happier.

4. Need for attention

Women absolutely love attention and if you keep ignoring her by saying “you playing a game” “going out with your folks” these things may not be a big deal for you, but over a period of time, it can be the destroyer of your relationship. she will find someone else who listens to her and give the attention she needs.


5. She doesn’t feel it anymore

Be it sex or emotional connection between you two, she doesn’t feel the way she used to. The sex has decreased, you don’t plan anything together and in this case, the best thing to do is to end the relationship.

6. No intimacy

Well, sex is one of the most important and sweet things in a relationship. If you are not good in bed, she will surely be disappointed. She is not gonna leave you after just one night but if she never feels happy, she will start looking for other options and may cheat you and have an affair behind your back.

7. You are not giving your time to her     

You are not giving her alone time but giving reasons to cheat on you. You just can’t always make her wait for you while you are busy at work.


8. When you start living together 

When couples move in together, they don’t talk much and there is no need to keep the conversation active all the time. This is the time one of you starts thinking that your partner is boring and you may think that there is no future with them.

9. The other guy is hot

Some things don’t need explanations. Maybe you did nothing wrong and it’s just that the other guy is hotter than you and looks more attractive.

10. She is bored

Women tend to get bored easily and they need someone who can keep them entertained. If you have transformed yourself from a happening and the coolest guy to a boring guy, then there are chances that you will see your wife spending more time with her friend from work or with the guy at the gym.


11. Money

You may think that women cheat for money but in most cases, it’s not because they’re going out looking for it. Women are likely to cheat more than men when they have money and the financial independence can trigger them.


12. Just want to end things with you

The last reason women might cheat is that they just want to end things with you and want to a start a new relationship.

If you summarize all the points, it does say here that women cheat more than men but some reasons are for men too. They can also cheat because of same reasons.

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