Pictures Showing Life Before And After A Breakup.

Life is full of surprises, that’s something all of us know. Relationships being one of the biggest parts of life changes things without our notice. These changes, however, take a drastic turn when the togetherness ends up with a breakup. You start thinking about the things that once didn’t bother and now bug you and make you remember everything.

Relationship changes our life, true but the changes that come after a breakup are the ones not easy to survive and go through. People who have been through will clearly be able to relate to what I am trying to say. To make things clearer,

Here are some pictures showing life before and after a breakup!

1. When throw pillows turn into throw-away pillows after a breakup.

Before: Getting into arguments over silly things was cute.

After: Everything ends up in the block list.


2. When Carol turns quite the opposite of Christmas Carols after the end of a relationship. 

Before: No one other than you two mattered.

After: Breakup changes things, even those who didn’t matter.


3. When things hike quickly after you move out of a relationship.

Before: Because being in a relationship is all about making memories.

After: And then regretting them later.


4. When each other’s belongings turn into memories.

Before: You ignored the little things.

After: Those little things make you remember things.


5. When you realize how life was easier before the breakup.

Before: Agreeing on certain things was easier when together.

After: Which you realized after the separation.


6. When the once sweet names turn into curses.

Before: Listening to these sweet names made you feel butterflies in your stomach.

relationship before after breakup

After: The butterflies die.


7. When the can-I-get-you-a-drink-guy remains the same.

Before: The refusal of a free drink somewhat hurt.

After: Finally, post breakup drinks for free.

relationship before after breakup

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