Illustrations that are Extremely Amusing but Harshly True

Many Artist has shown their creativity and magnificent talent of observing the world in its bare form and presenting it to the eyes of people to understand ‘actions and consequences’. These illustrations can range from ideal reforms, politics, education to Social greed

Lucky are those who are blessed with the talent to create a change in society using their artistry without no means of voice, in fact, their artwork is the ‘silent voice’. Here are some awesome and funny satirical pieces about the hidden facts of society.

1. The ugly truth about a chicken’s destiny.

2. Social consciousness on appearance.

3. Adultery in the cruelest way.

4. Everyone has an unspoken opinion.

5. Fooling oneself is more dangerous than fooling others.

6. Ever wondered why the earth is round, isn’t to become bald?

7. Brands blindfolding

8. What you do is what your kids learn.

9. The secret war between Social Media platforms.

10. Because buying emotions is easier than putting effort into it.

12. We all want what the other person has.

13. Compromising and understanding are the only things that save a marriage.

14. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

15. Acknowledging the natural appearance is the only way to accept the truth.

16. Forms of evil always have a way of connecting each other.

17. Big changes are needed in countries with poor gun laws.

18. Too much of anything is dangerous, either love or knowledge.

19. The road to success is not whats been told.

20. It’s a circle of taking and taking and we give nothing back.

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