6 Bad Relationship Rules To avoid

Very few people have your interests in their heart, like your parents or siblings. In moments of crisis in a relationship some people might come up with really inaccurate solutions because they might want to see things get worse. Other times the intent might be pure but their circumstances might have been a whole lot different than yours. We have compiled a list of relationship advices you should better avoid in order to get through difficult times without any further drama .

1. “Find someone who is financially well-off”


Well it is true that money makes life easier but is it the sole criteria to leave your relationship you are already in and look for someone better. Who knows the satisfaction you are being guaranteed is only smoke and mirrors and the relationship is devoid of any real love and attraction. According to psychologiststhis behavior of what you stand to gain in a relationship, this profit-seeking attitude is not at all beneficial for a strong relationship. Just be around the person who makes you feel good and it is quite simple really.

2. “Keep you authority over them and let them know you are not a ‘pushover’”


A loving relationship is based on equality and mutual understanding. Both the partners have their own strengths and weaknesses which they bring and try to work as a team. However some people feel the need to advice one of the couple to keep things in control and exert authority over the other.

The couple should understand that they have their own specific roles and responsibilities and this is what makes them compatible. There is no excuse for one of the partner to deal with a situation with high handedness and pretending to be in charge.

3. Forcing your partner to be romantically more forthcoming


According to psychologists each relationship passes through different phases and there is a time when romance takes the back seat as other phases become more important. There were certain years you both loved each other but it is not possible to be always in that romantic position.

We are not saying to stop caring for each other but realize that as your relationship goes through different development stages a different phase takes the lead. Always expecting them to be romantic is unfair on your part.

4. “Just be silent. It will sort out itself.”


This could be one of the worst relationship advices you could give anyone because lack of communication never makes things better. Conflicts are a part and parcel of any relationship and the best way to deal with them is to discuss the problems openly so you could understand each other’s point of view.

Without talking to each other you would only assume worst and only create more misunderstanding amongst yourself. So it is always better to stop suffering in silence and make your grievances heard out by your partner.

Who knows, they might be completely unaware of your plight and suddenly spring into action as soon as you give voice to your problems.

5. “Just read their text messages. You are entitled to that much at least”


A strong and healthy relationship is based on mutual understanding and trust where both the partners place immense confidence in each other and assume no ill-feelings at all. These kinds of intrusions into your partner’s privacy are tantamount to suspicion and disintegrate the very fabric of trusting relationship.

It is according to psychologists the first step towards abusive and controlling behavior which you should always avoid. It not only will make your spouse distant from you physically but also emotionally. In addition if they caught you going through their chats or phone call history they would feel like a victim of your jealousy which is not good for your relationship.

6. “Just remind him he is not financially well off”


People often lose their cool especially couples in a long-term relationship and this advice may result in already worse situation to aggravate. This is not at all healthy to bring this matter into discussion everyday as your partner may be working hard to provide but this is just plain cruel to rub it in even if it was worth to cool off the frustration you had over them.

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