10 Types of situational sex you will have at least once in your lifetime

What most of us don’t realize is sex is never about the positions; it’s about the situations.

Booty calls, one night stands, weird positions – we’ve all been there, done that, but what most of us don’t realize is sex is never about the positions; it’s about the situations. Situations which lead to sex make all the difference to how the sex is going to be. It helps define your relationship and how it translates into sex.

Here are 10 types of situational sex you have probably had at least once in your life and probably did not pay much attention to it.#10 The completely reckless kind

The two of you just met and there are sparks flying between the two of you already. It does not matter how the person looks, or what they’re wearing, or what they’re drinking. You could not care less about these trivial things. All you know is that your eyes, mind, and body is attracted towards them entirely.

You do not think about whether you will meet them again or not, but you certainly believe that this is your moment together. Doesn’t matter where you two are; it could be the restroom of a pub or a hotel room. It is only your desire that speaks to you in that moment.#9 The ‘I can’t stop myself from falling in love’ kind

You have met this person, and it hit you hard recently, that you have fallen head over heels in love with this person. The more you try to control your feelings, the faster you seem to be falling and it’s not what you anticipated. Every time you meet them, there is a new excitement and a thirst to get to know them.

You are completely blown away by how you feel about the person and have no control over your mind, body, and all these intense feelings. It’s time to admit it, you’re totally and completely whipped.#8 The transcendental kind

Your relationship feels like you are in a trance. You have finally admitted to each other that you love each other and the only way to express your love now is to have sex. Your feelings are so intense and for a while, it feels as though you are completely out of your senses.

All the songs they write about love seem more relatable and make more sense now and you see and feel all the hidden meanings the songs talk about. The connection is too overwhelming for you and you allow yourself to just float.#7 The ‘we are totally in love’ kind

This is a phase where you have expressed your feelings and you’ve passed the initial ‘oh my god this is amazing’ phase. You allow yourself to cruise through this phase because you can. Things are good and you are comfortable with each other. It’s that perfect phase where the two of you have a harmonious understanding and both of you know exactly what works for you.
#6 The ‘I only see you’ kind

You know she/he is the one for you and you’ve accepted your love for each other. You will be surprised by your feeling of commitment towards this person. No matter what you do, you want this person to be a part of it all. When it comes to sex, you both aim to fully satisfy each other.#5 The ‘hate but love’ kind

You have had your fair share of fights and sometimes you get on each other’s nerves. This is not because the other person is annoying but because the other person is so annoying, yet you love them so much that you can’t believe you want to be with them. You hate their annoying habits but still love them way too much to do anything about it.#4 The ‘I’m addicted’ kind

You are so used to each other that they become your new habit. You want them, you need them, and it starts to feel like you cannot do without them at any point in time during the day. It seems like you have reached an understanding where you would not have it any other way. You choose to be as committed to them as possible and the sex is totally based on love, emotions, and a deep understanding.#3 The ‘the world is ending’ kind

The sex is so good that it makes you want to forget everything and just live in the moment. All you want to do is be with the person and unleash your inner wild side. Sex is an intense need; it’s like your body is in a state of emergency and you do not want to waste any time. It almost feels as though you will never see them again and this is the only time you have together.#2 The ‘how did we end up here’ kind

The only outcome to this situation – either this was a big mistake or one of the best decisions you have ever made. This person is the one who was able to break your single rule and completely drew you in. No matter how hard you tried, you were unable to look the other way. This was the most unexpected situation that you landed in. Basically, whether it was good or bad, you have no idea how you ended up with this person in this situation.#1 The ‘ I love you forever’ kinds

This is everything you ever hoped for and everything you spent so long searching for. This person is your soulmate and every part of your body knows and accepts it and more importantly, wants it. This person gets your blood and hormones going crazy and the best part is, they feel it too. The moment you look at each other, you both just know.

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